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Cerf Island, Seychelles

Our Opinion
A small resort hideaway close to the main island of Mahe. Luxurious lodges are located and on a hillside vicinity overlooking the Marine Park. This is for clients are are relatively fit as lodges are on quite a steep hill. Scenery and setting is magnificent and if you want the ‘escape factor’ in breathtaking tropical surrounds, this is the perfect place.
Situated at the enterance of the Marine Park, Cerf Island Marine Park Resort offers 12 private and luxurious Lodges, within a naturally elegant 5 star resort. The resort boasts a fine dining restaurant, infinity pool, pool bar and beach side dining, secluded full service beach, relaxing lounge and private mini spa.

Cerf Island measures more than 1.5km long and almost 1km wide, it reaches a height of 108m and lies 3km east of Mahé. Cerf Island was named after the French frégate ‘Le Cerf’ which arrived at Port Victoria on the 1st November 1756. Due to Cerf Islands location, in a National Marine Park, the waters around Cerf Island prove a spectacular sight.

The deepest point of the marine park is 250m and the park offers exceptional mmarine life, with more than 150 species of marine fish, crabs, sea urchins, starfish, octopuss and many more. Cerf Island is the only island in the marine park to have a small local population who commute to Mahé for their daily business. They live on the opposite side of the island.