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Eco Tourism
Where else in the world can you sit on a protected beach and witness the nesting of turtles, walk among sweet scented tropical gardens and admire the breeding sites of rare endemic birds.

In order to protect the natural wonders of the Seychelles there are regulations governing visits to specific reserves and other protected areas. These regulations are intended to ensure that the beautiful but fragile ecosystems remain intact.

Tourists visiting Seychelles are invited to be eco-friendly and the islands are gaining worldwide recognition as an environmentally friendly destination.

There are several walks and trails on Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette.

Trail guide booklets available at the Tourist Information Office in Victoria give helpful indications as to the flora and fauna to be discovered. Tour guides are available and highly recommended.

The Marine National Parks of St Anne, Baie Ternay and Port Launay on Mahe, Curieuse near Praslin and Ile Cocs near La Digue provide an ideal introduction to the underwater treasures of the inner islands.

Amongst the most spectacular reported sightings by divers are those of the plankton-eating whale sharks, which can attain a length of over 10 metres. There are often seen around the inner islands, particularly during August and September. Some dive centres organise special trips so that visitors can swim with these friendly giants of the sea.