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Full Day Cousin, Curieuse & Saint-Pierre
Minimum number :8
Tour departs from Cote d’Or beach at 0900 hours and heads straight for Cousin by motor boat for a guided tour. At approximately 1200 hours you will be transferred by boat to Curieuse (30 mins) where you will have time to relax and swim before indulging in a delicious beach barbeque. After lunch you will be taken on a guided tour of the island. Here you will get the opportunity to see the Coco de Mer palms & giant tortoises and also visit the ruins of the leper colony. At around 1500 hours, departure from Curieuse to St Pierre for snorkelling before returning to Cote d’Or beach (prices include all transfers and lunch).
Full day Praslin Discovery tour
Minimum number :6
Full day coach tour begins with a visit to the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve after which the tour continues to Anse Kerlan with a stop en route at Grande Anse for shopping. A typical Creole lunch is served at a selected local restaurant. After lunch the tour resumes to Cote d’Or and Anse Lazio via Consolation, where time will be allocated for swimming (prices include all transfers and lunch).
Full day Excursion to La Digue
Minimum number :6
A short coach ride to Baie Ste Anne Jetty for a brief journey to La Digue (30 mins) on a local schooner. On arrival transfers by oxcarts to l’Union Estate for a tour of the copra sheds, the giant land tortoise pen and to the recently refurbished colonial plantation house, the film location of ‘Good Bye Emmanuel’. The tour of La Digue resumes by mini bus. On the way, we stop at Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, allowing you ample time to swim or soak up the sun. Anse Source d’Argent also offers a glimpse of some impressive rock formations unique to the Seychelles. A Creole lunch is served at a local restaurant on La Digue at around 1315 hours. After lunch time to relax before returning to Praslin on the 1530 hours schooner swimming (prices include all transfers and lunch).
Half Day Valle de Mai
Minimum number :6
Excursion to the world famous Valle de Mai Nature Reserve . This extraordinary primeval forest known as The Garden of Eden is home of the Coco de Mer palm found nowhere else in the world. It is also home of one of the rarest birds, the Black Parrott.
Valle de Mai/Anse Lazio - where natural beauty enchants the visitor.
Minimum number :6
This tour combines Praslins World Heritage Site, the Valle De Mai Nature Reserve and a visit to the famous Anse Lazio beach. Discover the original Garden of Eden – home of the unigue Coco de Mer (double coconut – the largest nut/seed in the plant kingdom) and the rare Black Parrott which lives in the Reserve and feeds on the abundant fruits. After the guided tour, you enjoy a leisurely drive along the northern coast of the island, ending at Anse Lazio beach where you will spend an afternoon lazing or swimming. This excurion offers a unique ‘best of both worlds’ experience of a granite island – a spectacular pristine beach and an enchanting equatorial rainforest, found nowhere else on earth. Guide provided only for the visit of the Valle de Mai.
Full day Coco/Sister Islands - Deserted islands with a fascinating underwater world
Minimum number :6
These tiny granite ‘gems’ are are located on the northern side of La Digue and are accessible by a 30 minute motorboat ride from Praslin. Sister Island in uninhabited, except for the warden and his wife, and can boast to have one of the finest beaches in Seychelles. The reef on the western side is ideal for snorkelling, while the island itself with its lovely coconut plntation, lends itself well to exploration. A typical Creole barbeque is served under the shelter of an old ‘boat house’. The afternoons highlight is a trip to Coco Island – a snorkelling experience which is second to none. The island is merely a small granite outcrop with a few palm trees but its real treasure lies in the depths around. Often compared to a living aquarium, the site attracts numerous fish species which float to the surface to feed – a nique under water experience.
La Digue Boat & Bike - Explore the lifestyle of a bygone era
Minimum number :6
What better way to explore the beauty of La Digue island, one of Seychelles most stunning granite islands, - perhaps the most photographed in the world.With its stunning beaches and gigantic granite boulders cascading down to the sea, La Digue is an experience not to be missed. The journey begins with a leisurely cruise on a local schooner across the channel that seperates La Digue and Praslin. Upon arrival the picturesque La Passe harbour, you will be met by a local representative for a breifing on the places of interest and escort you to your waiting bike. This mode of transport is ideal for you to discover the island at you own leisurely pace. As you pedal along, look out for the Creole architecture, the coconut factory, and other interseting sites all vivid reminders of the lifestyle of a bygone era. Lunch is not included and guide is not provided.
Half Day Cousin - An ornithological kingdom welcomes you
Minimum number :8
Join us for a visit to the home of numerous rare bird species. This excursion is a ‘wet landing’ one, this means that landing on the island can be quite spectacular and quite rough at times. Bird lovers will enjoy the site of noddies, nesting long tailed tropic birds, graceful fairy terns and one of the worlds rarest birds, the Seychelles magpie robin, all living in the peace and quiet of this Cousin Island – a bird sanctury which has become a model to the world. The quaint paths which meander around the island allow the visitor to admire the lazy giant tortoises basking in a muddy pool. Along the beach, one can site the tracks of the sea turtles which have chosen this haven as their breeding ground. Cousin is a carefully managed nature reserve and a conservation success story which is a must for all visitors – especially those with a strong sense of environment protection.
Full Day Excursion to Aride
Minimum number :8
Depart from Cote d’Or beach andd head for Aride Island, some 445 mins away by boat.. Aride Island is at the most northenly tip of the granite group of the Seychelles Islands and is home to more breeding species of seabirds than any other island in the region. The islands warden will guide you to the breathtaking clifftops, where hundreds of huge fregate birds soar above the turquoise sea below. A barbeque lunch is served on the beach (Price includes all transfers and lunch).