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Inner Islands
Mahé – offers a wide range of accommodation ranging from large, sophisticated hotels to charming guesthouses and self-catering establishments. As might be expected on an island that contacins 90% of the total Seychelle’s population, the nightlife on Mahé is livelier on the surrounding islands and there is a greater selection of restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Ste.Anne – the largest island of the Ste.Anne Marine Park, lies 4 km off the east coast of Mahé. A 78 suite Ppresidential villa resort hotel on the island was opened in November 2004.

Cerf Island – Mahé’s closest neighbour situated within the Ste. Anne Marine National Park, offers accommodation at L’Habitation des Cerfs with 10 rooms. The L’lle Cerf Private Lodge is another small hotel of 16 rooms and was opened in April 2002.

Anonyme - a stones throw from the Mahé airport lies Anonyme where an intimate 5 star chalet hotel and restaurant have recently opened.

Silhouette - is only 15 minutes by helicopter from Mahé, and the prominemt and verdant profile of the island dominates Mahé’s nort-western horizon. Its mountains, primitive beauty is the ideal backdrop for that attractive lodge comprising of 12 bungalows.

North Island - situated only a fe miles off the coast of Silhouette, is a fertile landmass of nearly 240 hectares. Construction of ten bungalows directed towards the eco-tourism market have recently been constructed.

Praslin – the second largest island in Seychelles, is easily accessible from Mahé by regular scheduled air and ferry services. It offers a rich assortment of hotels and guesthouses whose strong tradition of Seychelles hospitality has made Praslin a favoured return destination for visitors. A lavish new 18-hole championship golf course recently opened at the Lémuria Resort.

Chauve Souris – this intimate hideaway is situated just off Praslins north-eastern shore and offers only 5 rooms.

Cousine - located 3 km south west of Praslin, Cousine Island Resort, a private nature reserve, houses its guests in four luxury chalets.

La Digue - lying 40 km from Mahé and only 7 km from Praslin is the largest island in Seychelles. This is a popular destination for holidaysmakers seeking a taste of the traditional. It is an island where the bicycle and ox-cart still hold sway as the primary means of transport, and where the visitor can choose from a rich selection of small hotels and guesthouses.

Félicité – close neighbour of La Digue where the only lodge sleeps up to eight guests and boasts a tennis court and swimming pool set against a backdrop of lush vegitation.

Frégate Island Private - a mere 15 minute flight from Mahé, and one and a half hours by island ferry, is the most distinct of the granitic islands. This fertile island, extraordinary rich in fauna, now features a prestigious five star lodge offering the optimum in comfort and island lifestyle in 16 sumptuous deluxe villas, each with million dollar sea-views. A favorite amongst the stars of Hollywood and Europe, Frégate is the idyllic million-dollar tropical hideaway offering total privacy and pampering.

Bird - a 30 minute flight takes you to Bird Island, situated at the edge of the Seychelles bank, which drops off to offer 2000 meters. During the southeast trade winds, Bird, also known as Île aux Vaches, is colonised by a million sooty terns who lay their eggs on their own private square foot of territory . 24 comfortable bungalows, a reputation of good cusine and convivial atmosphere complement great opportunities for snorkelling, deep sea fishing, and nature watching par excellence.

Denis - the perfect ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience, lies 85 km north of Mahé. Once a thriving cocounut plantation, it now features a newly refurbished lodge with 25 chalets. The island is perfectly situated for deep sea fishing on the nearby edge of the Seychelles bank.